Sunday, February 24, 2013

Were did I leave that Q-tip?

     Well that must have been the question going through Casper's mind Saturday morning while I was trying to put my make up on and get ready for work.  Most mornings I sit at my desk and Boo will try to get as close to the light bulb in the lamp as she can just so she can sleep in the warmth of it.
     However this Saturday when it was just Mitchell who was up with me.  I was getting ready and Casper decided that he just wanted to play with the Q-tips that I keep in my makeup bag.  He was not going to give up as you can see.  The little stinker even moved my bag all around on the desk before I made him get off the desk and let me get ready to go to work.  lol..
     Hope you enjoy these pictures of my daughter's crazy little white ball of fur.
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Lisa G & Casper Liam too


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sundays have always been a great day...

Hi guys,
     You will not believe who showed up while Jerry was outside cleaning up a little and letting Loki have some outdoor playtime.
      Yes, after several months and  few heartbroken conversations between Jerry and myself,  as we just new she had been run over or taken to the pound a very happy, chubby and sweet Sunday walked right up to Jerry and started to purr,  Of course he called my outside to see something in a hurry.  I could not believe who he was holding in his arms.
     She has to have been living with someone all this time as she has a very good coat on her and it is actually shiny.  She looks so good,  and I just know that Jerry was so relieved to know that nothing bad had happened to her.
     Thanks everyone for sharing Sunday and her return with us.  Most of you know the story behind her and to this day she is very very important to my cat loving softy of a Husband.  :O)
Have a great day everyone.
Hugs, Lisa & Sunday

Three poor little cats...

Well hello there everyone.
     I wanted to share how I spent the first part of my morning yesterday.  For some reason I wake up at 6am and no one else woke up until well after 9am.  I decided to take the time by myself to pull out some stamps and get busy enjoying the quiet time before everyone else got up and going.
    As you can see however the cats had different ideas for me.  First up was Casper who really doesn't usually get on my desk in the mornings.. After my little photo op with him he decided to find himself a better place to catch some ZZZZs.  Of course it was at this point that little Boo claimed her place by the  light, but apparently the light wasn't enough.  Before I knew it she was sprawled out on all of my supplies.  :O)  Oh well at least my Lucy always waits on the floor behind my chair or as no one else was up she jumped on Jerry's comfy chair and took a great nap.
     Have a great Sunday everyone.  Thanks for checking out my fur babies.
Hugs, Lisa G