Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sundays have always been a great day...

Hi guys,
     You will not believe who showed up while Jerry was outside cleaning up a little and letting Loki have some outdoor playtime.
      Yes, after several months and  few heartbroken conversations between Jerry and myself,  as we just new she had been run over or taken to the pound a very happy, chubby and sweet Sunday walked right up to Jerry and started to purr,  Of course he called my outside to see something in a hurry.  I could not believe who he was holding in his arms.
     She has to have been living with someone all this time as she has a very good coat on her and it is actually shiny.  She looks so good,  and I just know that Jerry was so relieved to know that nothing bad had happened to her.
     Thanks everyone for sharing Sunday and her return with us.  Most of you know the story behind her and to this day she is very very important to my cat loving softy of a Husband.  :O)
Have a great day everyone.
Hugs, Lisa & Sunday

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  1. Yea, Sunday has come home! She is a beautiful cat, it's such a relief to know she is alright!