Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My protector...

 By now you all know that Lucy is my cat.
   When I get sick and end up in bed for whatever reason, she is always there with me.  Most of the time she will spend the whole time laying by my legs and every once in awhile she will check on me to see that I am ok.   I have to get out of bed from tine to time just so she will go eat or take care of other things otherwise she would never leave my side. :O)  
     Well, the last few days she has started having to sleep in my arms.  I am not kidding.  This cat will make me scoot over in the bed so that she can cuddle up in the crook of my arm.   I have a 'very old and very big shirt'  that when I get cold I love to  wear to bed and when I have it on all she wants to do is sit on my lap and knead away like she is a kitten.  When you combine my being sick and wearing her favorite shirt, I guess you get cuddly kitten.  (Lucy is almost 4 years old!)  lol..
     Please forgive the bad pics of me as I was sick and my son decided I needed to share. I think I managed  to crop out most of me.  lol... Don't like my picture taken when I'm at my best let alone in bed and sick too.   :O)  
Hugs, Lisa G

Yes, Lucy does sleep with her front paws crossed.  She is a lady you know.

At this point I was still sleeping.  Lucy (ever my protector) was on top of
the situation however.


Lucy gave him a big "Meow" and I guess Mitchell got the
point that he was to leave her Mommy alone.

I am happy to say that Mitchell although he has a terrible cough is starting to feel more like himself as well. and I think that is
very evident as he had enough get up to come and bother his Mom.  lol... I don't mind however as it does mean that my  boy is getting back to his joking self.
Hugs, Lisa G and Lucy too. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wouldn't want to wake him....

Hi guys,
     As you can see poor Casper just can not find a comfortable place to sleep.  Yeah,  right.  I swear this cat would be able to fall asleep even if you put him in the middle of a runway with 747s flying over him.  lmbo...
     I don't know about you guys, but Casper just had such a busy weekend that he was left with no other choice but to climb on top of Lucy's foot stool (ok, it used to be Jerry's and mine) and take himself a well needed nap.  It's hard to see in these photos, but this cat has long, medium and short hair all rolled into one big cat. :O)
     I have to work in the morning, but I wanted to share  a few pictures of Casper from today that I really thought were so cute and really shows what a laid back kitty cat he truly is.  I know he looks fat in these pictures and he truly is very big, but this guys is all hair and I don't think he even weighs 8lbs. He just is a big sized fur ball that we all love to peaces.  Hope you enjoy.
Have a wonderful week and we'll talk at you next time.
Hugs, Lisa G & Casper too

Notice Casper did not move once the whole time I walked around the foot stool to take his pictures.  

The yellow sheet is Lucy's that we keep on the stool for when she wants to be swung  like she is laying in a
hammock.  That will have to be pictures for a later post.   lmbo...  She LOVES it!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

When your cold...

Good morning all.
     Yes, it is very cold here this weekend and it is suppose to get a little colder this coming week.  When you are a little cat and it is just a touch too cold you either go and lay on the nice warm water bed.  However as that is Lucy's bed you won't get the chance.  So I guess that Boo thought that the heat coming off my lamp was the next best thing.  
      Mind you it isn't like our house is without heat, but Boo does tend to like it a little warmer than we have it at the moment.  We are lucky as we can put on extra clothes or even grab a blanket and snuggle up, but as Boo isn't much of a smuggler she decided to sit on my end table and toast under the warmth of this light.
     You can tell that after just a few clicks of the camera she was getting a little fed up with me.  :O)
Have a great Sunday everyone and if it's cold where you are stay warm.
Hugs, Lisa and Boo.

Yes, that is her fur on my lamp shade.  I  keep having to clean it off when she gets done.  Gggrrrr....

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Ragdoll in action!

Hello once again.
     I want to share some pictures of our Casper.   He is what you would think a cat named Casper would be.  He is a ghost.  One moment there was nothing there and the very next moment this little white kitten was sitting inside our front door waiting to be fed.  We have had our little (ok, not so little anymore) cat for almost a year now, and he is such a sweet cat. 
     As I said Casper is a 'Ragdoll' and his breed is known for being one of the largest domestic cat breeds around today.  Even though he is now bigger than our 3 year old cat Lucy, he does not weigh very much at all.  He truly is large in size, but not in weight.  As his breed is also know for going limp when you pick them up you can also see that our Casper has no problem sleeping in tights spaces.  He is well known around here for sitting on top of a shelf and letting his head and front legs hang off the edge.  He can lay there and sleep for hours without ever falling off.  lol.... We all feel very lucky to have this sweet animal in our lives.  He has such a nice temperament that he will wait by the side of the bed until he is invited before he will jump up.  Mind you at that point he will walk up to the top of the bed and make himself very comfortable by laying on top of your pillows.
     Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 
Hugs, Lisa & Casper

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's.....


     Yes, we have a new visitor in our house at the moment.  He is not staying, but for the moment he is going to stay warm and get healthy with us.  We have a walk-in closet in our garage that we are able to heat and has a lot of shelves for a cat to have fun playing in and on.
     Loki has been begging food from us for a couple of months now and just last week he showed up with a big chunk of his tail missing.  We have cleaned it up and given him a warm place to stay until the weather (22 degrees at the moment) gets a little warmer.  
     What we didn't know until two days after Loki showed up hurt is that he has been declawed and neutered.  We know he has a family, but even with putting up posters and asking around no one will claim him.  We have an appointment with our Vet. to see if he has a chip in him and to get his tail taken care of.  It looks bad, and I took a picture of it, but I really don't think you want to see that. lol...
     If he doesn't have a chip and we can't find his original family we will see about getting him a new one to love him.  Jerry loves him already, what with Sunday disappearing over three months ago.  She hasn't been back around for long time and now we don't expect her to.  :O( 
     So guys,  I hope you like my new blog.  Have a great weekend. 
Hugs, Lisa G

     So let me know what you all think of the new blog. 

Who's that CAT?

Could it be.....

It's Loki!  Bad picture as he has stunning blue eyes and the flash just made them all shades of red. 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting started...

Hello friends. 
     I am very excited to get this blog started.  You all know how much I love sharing pictures of these funny and most of the time weird cats that seem to be such a huge part of our lives. 
     I would say that most of the posts will involve three key players.  In case you have never seen my Pawpaw-Razzi posts on my crafty blog those cats would be Lucy, my black Bombay cat that is the queen of our house.  She is my baby and I can not tell you how much this cat that loves to play fetch and sleep in my arms at night means to me.   Our second cat (and the only one that we actually went to a pet store and picked out) is Boo.  Even though her name is a bit of Halloween sounding it truly has nothing to do with it.  She was just so tiny and so sweet that my Husband Jerry said she was just a Boo and so it became her name.  Then there is our third cat.  His name is Casper Liam and he goes by Casper.  His name came from the fact that like a ghost one moment there was no kitten on our porch as we were coming home from a family outing and then like the ghost he is named for he just appeared out of thin air and was in our living room.  Try as we might he would not leave and kept running back into our house and are hearts as well.  lol...
      That should bring you all up to speed with our fur babies and as google isn't letting me pull up pictures from my computer I am going to try to load a couple of older pictures from my other blog just to get us started. 
     I hope to have the problem salved and a new post up for you all tomorrow.  In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk at you later. 
Hugs,  Lisa G
Lucy-Bombay-Most talkative cat I have ever had.

Casper Liam- Ragdoll with the sweetest personality

Boo-Tortoiseshell.   Very sweet cat.