Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting started...

Hello friends. 
     I am very excited to get this blog started.  You all know how much I love sharing pictures of these funny and most of the time weird cats that seem to be such a huge part of our lives. 
     I would say that most of the posts will involve three key players.  In case you have never seen my Pawpaw-Razzi posts on my crafty blog those cats would be Lucy, my black Bombay cat that is the queen of our house.  She is my baby and I can not tell you how much this cat that loves to play fetch and sleep in my arms at night means to me.   Our second cat (and the only one that we actually went to a pet store and picked out) is Boo.  Even though her name is a bit of Halloween sounding it truly has nothing to do with it.  She was just so tiny and so sweet that my Husband Jerry said she was just a Boo and so it became her name.  Then there is our third cat.  His name is Casper Liam and he goes by Casper.  His name came from the fact that like a ghost one moment there was no kitten on our porch as we were coming home from a family outing and then like the ghost he is named for he just appeared out of thin air and was in our living room.  Try as we might he would not leave and kept running back into our house and are hearts as well.  lol...
      That should bring you all up to speed with our fur babies and as google isn't letting me pull up pictures from my computer I am going to try to load a couple of older pictures from my other blog just to get us started. 
     I hope to have the problem salved and a new post up for you all tomorrow.  In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk at you later. 
Hugs,  Lisa G
Lucy-Bombay-Most talkative cat I have ever had.

Casper Liam- Ragdoll with the sweetest personality

Boo-Tortoiseshell.   Very sweet cat.

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