Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Ragdoll in action!

Hello once again.
     I want to share some pictures of our Casper.   He is what you would think a cat named Casper would be.  He is a ghost.  One moment there was nothing there and the very next moment this little white kitten was sitting inside our front door waiting to be fed.  We have had our little (ok, not so little anymore) cat for almost a year now, and he is such a sweet cat. 
     As I said Casper is a 'Ragdoll' and his breed is known for being one of the largest domestic cat breeds around today.  Even though he is now bigger than our 3 year old cat Lucy, he does not weigh very much at all.  He truly is large in size, but not in weight.  As his breed is also know for going limp when you pick them up you can also see that our Casper has no problem sleeping in tights spaces.  He is well known around here for sitting on top of a shelf and letting his head and front legs hang off the edge.  He can lay there and sleep for hours without ever falling off.  lol.... We all feel very lucky to have this sweet animal in our lives.  He has such a nice temperament that he will wait by the side of the bed until he is invited before he will jump up.  Mind you at that point he will walk up to the top of the bed and make himself very comfortable by laying on top of your pillows.
     Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 
Hugs, Lisa & Casper


  1. Your Dad says that Casper needs to learn to relax. I don't know where you find them but they are sure winners. OH WAIT!!! They find you, I forgot.

  2. Casper is so fluffy and cute! I can't believe he will sleep in a box like that! Oreo has never gotten into a box, he is usually sleeping on the chair or when I'm making a card right in the middle of my work space!