Sunday, January 13, 2013

When your cold...

Good morning all.
     Yes, it is very cold here this weekend and it is suppose to get a little colder this coming week.  When you are a little cat and it is just a touch too cold you either go and lay on the nice warm water bed.  However as that is Lucy's bed you won't get the chance.  So I guess that Boo thought that the heat coming off my lamp was the next best thing.  
      Mind you it isn't like our house is without heat, but Boo does tend to like it a little warmer than we have it at the moment.  We are lucky as we can put on extra clothes or even grab a blanket and snuggle up, but as Boo isn't much of a smuggler she decided to sit on my end table and toast under the warmth of this light.
     You can tell that after just a few clicks of the camera she was getting a little fed up with me.  :O)
Have a great Sunday everyone and if it's cold where you are stay warm.
Hugs, Lisa and Boo.

Yes, that is her fur on my lamp shade.  I  keep having to clean it off when she gets done.  Gggrrrr....

1 comment:

  1. Great photos, Lisa! Looks like Boo puts up with your picture taking quite well! hehehe
    Oreo likes to lay under the light too, unfortunately it is the OttLite on my crafty table!
    Have a fun Sunday!