Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My protector...

 By now you all know that Lucy is my cat.
   When I get sick and end up in bed for whatever reason, she is always there with me.  Most of the time she will spend the whole time laying by my legs and every once in awhile she will check on me to see that I am ok.   I have to get out of bed from tine to time just so she will go eat or take care of other things otherwise she would never leave my side. :O)  
     Well, the last few days she has started having to sleep in my arms.  I am not kidding.  This cat will make me scoot over in the bed so that she can cuddle up in the crook of my arm.   I have a 'very old and very big shirt'  that when I get cold I love to  wear to bed and when I have it on all she wants to do is sit on my lap and knead away like she is a kitten.  When you combine my being sick and wearing her favorite shirt, I guess you get cuddly kitten.  (Lucy is almost 4 years old!)  lol..
     Please forgive the bad pics of me as I was sick and my son decided I needed to share. I think I managed  to crop out most of me.  lol... Don't like my picture taken when I'm at my best let alone in bed and sick too.   :O)  
Hugs, Lisa G

Yes, Lucy does sleep with her front paws crossed.  She is a lady you know.

At this point I was still sleeping.  Lucy (ever my protector) was on top of
the situation however.


Lucy gave him a big "Meow" and I guess Mitchell got the
point that he was to leave her Mommy alone.

I am happy to say that Mitchell although he has a terrible cough is starting to feel more like himself as well. and I think that is
very evident as he had enough get up to come and bother his Mom.  lol... I don't mind however as it does mean that my  boy is getting back to his joking self.
Hugs, Lisa G and Lucy too. 

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  1. Wonderful pictures Mitchell took, even if it was a bit of a bother to Lucy! She is such a wonderful cat!